My ability to travel and see things and parts of the world that others might only read about is a true privilege. The photos I have taken along the way are merely a product of those adventures. Please note that the pictures I have included in the galleries of Auschwitz and Birkenau are of a quite private collection. They are never to be sold or copied for use other than on this site. When I returned from Oswiecim, Poland in October of 2012, I wrote the following passage in my book. I think it sums up the emotion that only a visit there can evoke.

" There is no peace on these grounds. The only life here planted by those who followed years behind. There are only memories here. Memories that cannot be changed, forgotten or erased by time. As a grown man in my fifties, over six thousand miles from the comforts and freedoms that are afforded me in America and with no personal ties to this place but my knowledge of it's existence and it's history, I stood on these grounds . . . . . and I wept."

Please respect these pictures for what they represent. May God forever watch over their souls.