Nakliyat Yapanlar(non-registered)
Great photographer, Awesome pictures, Follow your dreams and keep up the great work. Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page. Congratulations achievements
Awesome page, Stick to the very good job. Appreciate it. kerry
Jerry Selwa(non-registered)
Great photos Len, hope to meet up with you and Terry sometime.
My hopes are that the new day finds you well.
I have spoken with Emma. My God blesses you and I keep you warmly in my thoughts. We now wait on the wisdom and compassion of others. Niech Cie Bog Blogoslawi
Cleo Bretado(non-registered)
Your work is amazing. I thank you for capturing the history here, your pictures left me speechless.
I again thank you for your time today. I know it has been long waiting. I am hopeful that we can complete some work with you and share some of your time and work. Our next contact will be not so long from now and maybe with answers you seek. Pozdrawiam.
Paul Efferent(non-registered)
Josef share this with me. Will you return? There are many that would enjoy a meet with you. People all forget. You have not. Bless you.
You are gracious to share. It is impotant to finish....and remember. We should talk soon.
Charles Dawson(non-registered)
Very moving pics of Auschwitz. I hope to visit there someday. Thank you for sharing.
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